Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Smoking Gun! - You just can't deny that the DeRose Family of Dental Clinics, Smile Starters and Small Smiles Are All Related!

Adolph Padula is in with Michael DeRose (Meaball Mike), Edward DeRose,(Spaghetti Eddie) and William Mueller and is listed on the Articles of Incorporation of 6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic.

Adolph Padula is listed at least in one state, probably more as a dentist accepting medicaid patients in the MassHealth program.

Dr. Padula is also licensed in Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio and others.

Now look, we've got Dr. Tran and Dr. Pham coming out of Pueblo, for Kool Smiles

We've got Dr. Padula, (who is an uncle) to Dan and Michael DeRose, in various states with Small Smiles, how much more clear can it be!

Here's the story on the "connection" saying Dr. Padula is Dan and Michael DeRose's uncle.

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a dental job for the past year and the same jobs are filled and re-opened at Ocean Dental. Does anyone know if they are a good place to work? Employees don't seem to last long.