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Complaint Board report on Kool Smiles–Norfolk, VA; Mother Warns Others

Kool Smiles

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Poor dentist practices

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Kool Smiles, JANAF, Norfolk VA.
Norfolk, Virginia
United States
I brought my children in for a cleaning and exam. We had a 9 am appointment and we were told they would all be seen at once. They didn't finish seeing us until 3 hours later. The television ads claim that parents are welcomed to accompany children during the exam if you wish but they tried to deny me access to my 5 year old son, TWICE. They suggested that my son have 5 silver crowns on his molars and wanted us to come back for 4 separate appointments. A week later and another 3+ hours at the over crowded dirty office, my son had silver crowns on 2 of his molars. 30 minutes after leaving, my 5 year old son began screaming in pain and continued for hours.

I gave him tylenol and motrin but he continued to be in severe pain. The dentist called him in a prescription of codine which got him through the night until about 2 am. This pain went on for days. I brought him back 5 days later, he was examined and they said that nothing appeared to be wrong but he needed to come back the next day when the dentist who did the work was there. I went back the next day and retrieved his records so we could be seen by another dentist at another facility, NOT KOOL SMILES.

The next day, I bought him to another dentist to be examined. They did a new set of x-rays and compared them to the ones taken before the dental work had been done at Kool Smiles. The new dentist said he saw NO reason for the silver crowns that were already put in and certainly no reason for any addition crowns. The tiny cavity that my son did have could have easily been fixed with a standard filling. The pain my son was feeling was probably from a nerve damage occurred during the procedure and we were told that the tooth would probably die.

Please don't subject your children to this cruel and crude dentist facility. My kids actually refer to it as Kruel Smiles now.