Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama, Clinton, King of Bahrain and Church Street Health Management

It was reported that President Obama called the King of Bahrain for a little chat over the opposition and requesting that he not to bomb the Bahrainian people.  Then I heard a lot of political pundits talking about how the President really couldn't force Bahrain or Saudi Arabia to not bomb their own people (those two have ganged up with each other to stomp out the people of Bahrain who want a better government).

I heard Secretary of State Clinton doing her usual babble where she just used a string of words that really don't say anything...  you know what I mean.

I just couldn't help myself, I stood up and began to yell at the TV.

"Yes, you can!!  Tell the King you will freeze those Wisconsin bank accounts and no more money will be funneled out of our Medicaid system to your pockets via Church Street Health Management!"

"Plus, we will stop letting all of your crappy dentists come over here and treat the illegal immigrant children or the children in our poorest neighborhoods.  I will give those jobs to our own dentists graduating from college, do you hear me!" 

"Tell the King even though this nice little setup was working to fund terrorist with American's own money was working, I hold the keys to that pot of gold!"

Yes, that's what Obama could have said.