Friday, April 17, 2015

Aspen Dental Business Practices Remain Under Fire

Below is a story I received yesterday about Aspen Dental. The relator asked to remain anonymous, I understand why.

I read your recent post regarding Aspen dental. What happened to that patient you most recently wrote about happens all the time. As a former employee of Aspen Dental I know firsthand that if we see a mistake made by a dentist we are to keep her mouth shut. If we speak up or God forbid inform the patient of a mistake we are terminated. We are not allowed to question a doctors treatment plans. It is very frustrating especially when you have over 10 years experience in the dental field and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt the treatment is incorrect. I have watched doctors pull the wrong teeth, leave root tips and charge the patient for an extraction, sell them prosthetic devices they don't need and illegally bill them. When a doctor is caught pulling the wrong teeth, the document is falsified saying the remaining teeth were found to be periodontally involved and we extracted them for free for you, then the patient is tricked into signing it.


Management is completely brainwashed, if we are even caught talking and having fun we are written up. The turnover rate is so high with that company because as soon as you become more knowledgeable than they prefer, they find a reason to get rid of you and bring in a fresh face and train them from scratch. This company cares nothing about their employees, they only care how much money you can make them.

If you are fast and you keep your mouth shut you can be employed there for a long time. But if you have an opinion or a better idea you're history. Management also makes us have monthly meetings were we are to talk about our feelings and any issues we have are to be presented in front of the team. They make us feel like our ideas matter, the next day they go right back to the way things were. We are also called in to do private conversations with our office manager, during this time anything we say will be twisted into something else.

I think the company just loves drama. If you want to work for this company you must be completely submissive and do not bring any opinions to the table for if you do you will not to be employed there long. Since I left the company 2 years ago I have had the most peace I have ever had, I just feel for those poor people who are victims of that company. I wish people would realize they should not go there, there are other office options.