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Howard S. Schneider, DDS: 2008 ‘'The child of today is smart, manipulative, and, spoiled”


Published in the Southern Society of Pediatric Dentistry Newsletter, August 2008

The Last Word

Howard S. Schneider Nov 2008By Howard S. Schneider, DDS MSD Editor

CHANGE! This election may be remembered as one of the most exciting elections in American history.

Yes! It is time for change. Not only do we need change in our political system, we need change in how we deliver pediatric dentistry. All of us have hung the sign on the door notifying the parent that we are taking the child to the operatory WITHOUT THEM. That was the way it was as long as I can remember. After completing treatment, we brought the happy / or unhappy child out to the parent and discussed procedure and results. And, yes, the parents accepted the comments, made another appointment and case closed. However, changes have slowly been taking place. There is change in the 2008 parents in the philosophy of raising their children; There is change in the child who has a mind of his / her own; change in the laws in treatment of the child / changes in public attitude and their concerns and trust in the professions. All the child has to do is tell the parent “they hurt me.” Then you spend the next hour explaining why you helped him. The child of today is smart, manipulative, and, spoiled. They know how to work the system. Oh yes! The word change in this article is in no way any endorsement of my political preferences. That is one man’s opinion, and,THAT IS THE LAST WORD

No, Dr. Howard S. Schneider, that’s NOT The Last Word!

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