Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New York Class Action Against Aspen Dental Dismissed?

Patients who have had their lives turned upside down due to shoddy dental work by Aspen Dental dentists appear to have been shut down in pursuing their case against this nasty company.

I read this to mean, the court agrees Aspen Dental is operating dental clinics illegally; that the Attorney General should/could pursue them and has the power to dissolve their phony business entity; and there was a breakdown of some sort in procedure for patients to further state their claims.

But none of this by any means says Aspen Dental is innocent of malpractice, and in my opinion should be avoided by the public at all costs. As so is that the opinion of a recent patient. (see below).

If you read anything further into it, please post in the comments, as it may help patients and future employees of the pace.


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In another related Aspen Dental issue, just today I received a complaint from a patient who just recently saw Dr. Ajayi at an Evansville, Indiana Aspen Dental Clinic.

Email dated: April 15, 2015

I was recently in as a patient on the Aspen Dental West side of Evansville Indiana location and overheard the most sickening conversation of my life.  I was a little skeptical of the place due to horrible reviews all over the internet, but unfortunately I am one of those victims who's employer changed dental insurances and Aspen Dental was the only one in network so I had to do what I had to do. On my first visit I grew quite fond of the Dental Assistants,.  I could sense they had much experience and were very knowledgeable.  They appeared to not have any liking towards their doctor.

When I was back in for a crown prep, Dr. Ajayi was in such a hurry that he kept jerking my head back and forth yelling "turn to me!" when I was trying my best.  He about drowned me with water and kept laughing as the Dental Assistant apologized and kept wiping my face with a towel.  She asked him once to turn down the water please and he said very rudely NO! I began to get frightened.  Then he gets up and the Assistant asked, are you done? He said yes.  She didn't seem confident that he should be done.  He shoved a bunch of gauze in my mouth and I was bleeding profusely.  She kept asking if I was ok but I was numb so of course I couldn't tell. Later I found out he cut my cheek and tongue so bad I had canker sores for 2 weeks!

The Dental Assistant proceeded to make me a temporary crown to wear for a few weeks until the lab made my real crown and I left that day in the most pain I'd ever been in.  The tooth throbbed as if it was abscessed. I called about 5 times to speak with the Office Manager Megan, but she kept telling me that they were very busy and to just take ibuprofen.  In other words she could care less.

I return for my permanent crown 3 weeks later.  I told Dr. Ajayi once more that I tried calling several times to tell him my tooth throbbed and he blamed the Dental Assistant and said her temporary was not made right. He proceeded to place my permanent crown on and that hurt 10x worse than the temporary.  I finally sat up in the chair and told him it hurts and I will not let him permanently cement on that crown with this kind of pain.  What did he do next? He got me numb and said he will work on the tooth some more.  He did NOT work on anything. Stupid me should not have let him get me numb. He gets me numb where I would shut up and not complain anymore, then cements the crown on anyway without me knowing and pretends to be doing something in there and then makes the Dental Assistant take an xray with the crown on and tries to tell me nothing is the matter with it and the tooth is healthy. He said give it a week and if it hurts still call us back.  The Dental Assistant points out, isn't that an abscess?  Upon her saying that he pulls her in the office and suddenly she is "gone to lunch."

I am not stupid, I knew what was going on, that poor girl knew he was doing something wrong.  I just decided to walk out, I wanted to get far away.  On the way out the Office Manager stopped me and said I had to pay for that crown.  I said, I will not pay a penny for this crown, I didn't even want it cemented and as soon as I find a legitimate Dentist to remove it you guys can have it back!

Saw another dentist that same day, a private practice down the road, he took 1 xray and said, you have a sever abscess on that tooth and the decay covers the entire distal side of the root. He tells me this tooth should have been extracted.

Well lets just say I have a malpractice lawyer dealing with them. I was reached out to by a regional manager with Aspen Dental upon my complaint with their patient satisfaction team l and they tried to keep me quiet with a visa gift card and offered me a new crown. Really???

Do not let anyone go to Aspen Dental, you just can't trust them and it's not worth the stress!!

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