Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Smiles Free Screenings In February

I've been watching this all month and it's just a bit ridiculous. 

They announce they are offering free dental screening on February 16 at 7:20 am that will be held on February 16, between 9 and 11am.  Think they really want children to show up for the free screenings?

Of course not.  It's just to have their name out there and the word free attached to give the illusion they are doing something good.

Today's example  KKTV

Mostly it's announced the night before with a foot note to call for an appointment or some stupid thing as that.  No they really don't want to give free screening and it's likely they are booked solid that day anyway and would crap if about 50 people showed up.  Let me say, they are NOT sitting there with no appointments for two hours waiting for parents to bring in their children.

Anyone want to make any bets there will be a clip on the evening news tonight on the wonders of Small Smiles dental in the Springs?