Monday, February 28, 2011

What does your tax dollar, Small Smiles dental centers and Tennessee’s Speaker of the House have in common?


Check-Up PAC

Rep. Beth Harwell, (R-TN) created Harwell PAC asked supporters to help fund her bid for Speaker of the House in Tennessee and FORBA/Church Street Health Management stepped in to help out.  Money raised by Harwell PAC were used to gain favors with fellow Republican Caucus members by making donations from the PAC to their campaigns. 

How you ask and what the hell is Check-Up PAC?

Money from 46 different Small Smiles dental clinics were spent on various other political campaigns.  A whopping $7500 was spent on an inaugural party for current Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam.  Click here to see the pictures from the party you paid for but didn’t get to attend.

Remember that your tax dollars, all from states other than Tennessee help fund this shindig.  

Yes it’s a bit more complicated than that.  Your tax dollar made a few stops along the way before it ended up in Governor Haslam’s party coffers.

But, shoot, this ain’t nothing compared to the Football Stadium and multi-million dollar homes you bought for the DeRose and Padula’s of Pueblo, Colorado. 

Now it just happens to filter through Colorado and back to Tennessee to support the Michael Lindleys, Alfred Greens and the Todd Cruses of the world, just before it heads over to Bahrain of course.

I don’t know much about campaign laws, and don’t care to figure it out.  But something seems wrong when one company pulls money from all their very own pockets and pass the smell test of campaign finance laws.   I think this is the thing the Supreme Court decided last fall, which was so damn wrong in my opinion, for reasons such as this.

I notice they limited the pull from each of their own clinics to $1000.00.  What about their fake owners, such as Randy Ellis, Jodi Kuhn, Karen Chu, do they know they fake contributed to Check-Up PAC.  That answer would be no, since I’m sure they are allowed anywhere near their center’s checkbook!

This is just how it is, and the reason laws don’t get enforced (Kentucky, for one)  and other laws get changed in favor of crooks (Kansas).

You the people have no say whatsoever.


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