Monday, February 14, 2011

The Smile Center Family Dentistry - San Antonio, Texas

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Initial Report - February 7, 2011

Investigative Report by WOAI's Brian Collister -

February 14, 2011
The Smile Center, another dental mill left to run amok, with no one checking, no dental board oversight, and evidently no one giving a damn.  Why has no one questioned this dental mill?  Where are the social workers in this, are they not noticing an increased amount of children with their mouths crammed full of stainless steel crowns. 
The report says the dentist who did this no longer work there, ok, where the hell did they go.  Let's get some names so the public can be warned.  But no, that won't happen, and these, like the thousands of dentists employed by these Medicaid dental mills will just move down the road to the next mill and continue with the substandard treatment they have been trained, coerced and baited with bonuses to deliver.  
The Smile Center's statement, Stephen Simpton, DDS