Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Church Street Health Management’s New Members for 2011

Church Street Health Management finally filed their annual report July 17, 2011 with the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Noticeable changes are the “Managers”,  A Carlyle Group member finally emerges from the shadows.
September 2007 June 2010 June 2011

Rodney Cawood
Jack Draughon
Charles Griffith
Michael G. Lindley
William C. Miller
Charles Ogburn

Michael Lindley-Chairman & CFO
Rodney Cawood-EVP & Chief Financial Officer
Al J. Smith- President, COO and Secretary

Scott A. Buschmann
Rodney Cawood
Bowen Diehl
Jack Draughon
Charles Griffith
Michael Lindley
Charles Ogburn
Al Smilth

Dr. Steve Adair
Bret Bero – Am Cap.
Scott A. Buschmann – Arcapita
Stockton Croft – Arcapita
Charles L. Griffith – Arcapita
Susan B. Kasser- Carlyle Grp
Douglas Kelley – Am. Cap.
Michael G. Lindley – SS Holding
William C. Miller, Jr – Arcapita
Al J. Smith – SS Holding

I have always been curious as to how FORBA Holdings, LLC was formed April 17, 2006 when these guys didn’t hook up with First Islamic Bank and purchase FORBA until October 2006.  I’m sure there is a reason explanation  (see Application for Certificate of Authority dated September 2008 at the KY SOS’s website as to the date of April 17, 2006)

Kentucky Secretary of State Website