Friday, July 01, 2011

Dental Associations receive nearly 50% of its monies from corporations

I’m sure this is quite normal, but there just seems like there is something wrong with it and I can’t lay my finger on exactly what it is.  Not right now anyway, if you could see my house you would understand.

Seems like receiving a discount for using particular companies is one thing, but if said companies actually contributes to nearly 50% of an organizations income that is whole other ball of wax.  I’m sure someone can enlighten me about this.

In the Tennessee Dental Associate 2010 Source Book it highly suggests it’s members use certain companies saying:

“When you use the services and products endorsed by the TDA, you not only obtain a good value but also assist in keeping TDA dues low. These companies provide the TDA with a royalty based on the amount of business generated by TDA members and their offices; non-dues revenue accounts for almost half of the TDA’s yearly income. When contacting these companies, tell them you are a TDA member”




Baker, Donelson Bearman, Coldwell & Berkowitz
Banc of America Practice Solutions, Inc.
Bank of America MasterCard
Corporate Flight Management
The Dental Record
D-MMex Scrap Metal Recovery Program

First Tennessee
Identity Station
Identity Theft America
InTouch Practice Communications
Land’s End Apparel for Staff
LifeGuard Medical Solutions
Medical Protective
Modern Practice Solutions
Office Depot
Sharps Compliance, Inc
TDA Glove Program
Two Point, Inc.