Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC -Directors, Executives and Members

I've always wondered the names of the people who are hiding behind the "Mother Ship" of the Small Smiles Dental Centers and Church Street Heath Management.  Last week I was poked to dig deeper.  I was more curious than ever to find the names of those people who hide behind 100 or more corporations, public service companies, and limited liability companies. So I decided to send off for some information.

By looking at the names on this list it appears Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC is a mashup of every health "service" that bills Medicaid rooted in Nashville,Tennessee including, Ameris Health System, LLC; Children's Comprehensive Services (CCS);  the old Pricor; Corrections Medical Management; Ccs/Gulf Pines; Keystone Youth and Education; Ccs/Altacare  and more. Also the same bunch at Ameris Aviattion; Ameris Realty of Flordia, LLC;  Maderia Bay Marina, LLC; and Maderia Bay South, LLC.

Honestly, by the time I got to page 3 I expected to see my own name on the list.  (Just kidding)

By the way, if you are no longer a Director, Officer or Member of Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC, I would get my name off of there, ASAP!

Here is the information I received in the mail last evening.  The document is dated March 13, 2010.

Directors, Officers, or Members of Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC are:
SS Holding Company, Inc.- Atlanta, GA
Alfred J Smilth- Gallatin, TN
Rodney D. Cawood- Chapmansboro, TN
CIT Healthcare, LLC-New York, NY
ACAS Equity Holdings, Corp.-Bethesda, MD
CMP Forba Holdings, LLC-Atlanta, GA
Sanus Blocking Corp.-McKinney, TX
Capital Strategies Advisor-Birmingham, AL
Healthcare Investment Group-Franklin, TN
Crestbrook Partners- Madison, TN
J. Bruce Duty, McKinney, TX
Michael S. Tidwell, Madison, TN
Martin G. Weber, Jr, Nashville, TN
Sam J. Lewis, Jr., Nashville, TN
Bradley B. Williams, Nashville, TN
Bradford N. Gardner, Murfreesboro, TN
Timothy Richter, Lebanon, TN
Lorri H. Steiner, Brentwood, TN  (the new Compliance Officer!!!)
Brandon Dyson, Franklin, TN
Phyllis Brown, Gallatin, TN
Christopher Hatch, Nashville, TN
Michele Campbell, Nashville, TN
Amanda Skelley, Spring Hill, TN
Trevor Blazer, Pueblo, CO
Vincent Benfatti, Pueblo, CO
Elizabeth Krummel, Nashville, TN
Suzy Seigenthaler, Nashville, TN
Daniel Dunn, Nashville, TN
Jacob Kochenberger, Pueblo, CO
William Trivett, Nashville, TN
Michael McCulla, Nashville, TN
Todd Cruse, Nashville, TN
Joseph Bower, Pueblo, CO
Oak Hill EP, Inc Nevada - Michael Lindley and Linda Zoeller
Bowen Diehl, Nashville, TN

Name of Corporation in which Small Smiles Holding Company, LLC  owns 10% or more:
FORBA Holdings, LLC - n/k/a/ Church Street Heath Management
FORBA Services, Inc

Names of Corporation that owns 10% or more in this company:
SS Holding Company, Inc.  82.38%