Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dentists Warn of Risks Associated with Sports Drinks

Yes, Church Street Health Management has found a new subject matter to comment on, in order to get press I suppose.

Dentists Warn of Risks Associated with Sports Drinks

1.  One of the founders of the Small Smiles Dental Centers was instrumental in  putting soft drink machines in our schools.  Dan DeRose

2.  Since Church Street Health Management and their illegal Small Smiles Dental Centers target the “underserved” (preferably Medicaid children under 10)I doubt those same individuals are heavy into sports drinks.

“As children of all ages engage in outdoor activities during the summer, there is a growing tendency toward the consumption of sports and energy drinks instead of water,” said Dr. Steven Adair, Chief Dental Officer of Church Street Health Management, which manages more than 70 dental centers for low-income families in 22 states.

Choking on the above statement-They illegally own and operate, not manage, 73 clinics in 22 states and the District of Columbia.  It appears CSHM will do what they can to put their “two cents” out there on a subject matter, press is press I suppose.  :

 “Cashing In by Cashing Out" – It’s a must read!!!