Sunday, June 01, 2008

FORBA PR Machine At Work

After watching boards across the Internet for the last few days I can see FORBA-Small Smiles-DeRose have put the big PR firms to work but they are gaining little ground.

I swear I think they have actually hired people to spend their days getting out and making positive posts or try to find fault in what parents are finally speaking about.

The most common posts are:

1. We are trying to hire compassionate and quality staff. (How long does it take, they said that three years ago, two years ago, and last fall) They can't change a thing until they change to powers that be, and that hasn't even come close to happening. Those in power in 2000 are still there. It's clearly documented on this site with references that shows the same names of the same good ole boys at the same addresses.

2. It was an isolated incident. Whatever how many thousands of complaints for how long do they consider it to be a bit more than "isolated"

For Heavens Sake, the government set up a Hot Line to report abuse from these places!

Once again I can't stress enough that private dentists are doing this same crap. Be on alert!

3. Just a bad apple in the bunch. A bad APPLE!! Well, yeah! Lots of bad apples. When you set up shop in Pueblo Colorado and send out demon seeds across the country, to plant more diseased trees! Clearly some bad apples, from the bottom of the tree straight to the top!

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