Saturday, June 21, 2008

United Health Care Removed Dental Search from Website

On 6-17-2008 I was able to go to United Health site and visit this page

or here and choose a state plan and search for a dentist who accepts medicaid. They would tell me the clinic name, Small Smiles for example as well as the name of the dentist at that clinic.

By the next day I could still go there but each and every search for a dentist under any plan and any search criteria would end up with zero results. The first time I did it, heck I could even get the list emailed to me. Now you can't find a recommended dentist from United Health to save your soul.

So I have to ask why that is.

1. They don't want the public to know they are recommending it's members to visit Small Smiles.
2. They are protecting themselves from lawsuits because they continue to recommend it's members take their children to Small Smiles even though Doral Dental has suspended them, in several places anyway, or
3. The dentists they listed as being employees of Small Smiles threw a fit because they are so embarrassed of being associated with Small Smiles. (let me say here I know this to be true from the emails I received...)

Anyway I'm glad I had my lists emailed to me and they came from the following email address:

The subject was: Custom Dental Provider Directory List

I don't know who's cheatin' who here, but there are some really embarrassed people out there because of their association with Small Smiles, including major HMOs.

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