Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small Smiles New Albany Has Changed It's Name: Surprise Surprise

A month or so ago if you rang up Small Smiles in New Albany you would get the "Hello, Small Smiles" when the phone was answered. Then a couple of weeks ago that dropped to "Dental Office" we now it's "Albany Access Dentistry".

Looks like FORBA and Michael DeRose and Company have not learned any new techniques to cover their butts. Again, they just change then name, don't bother with changing the phone numbers or address, just slap a new name on the door, keep the same employees and go on about their business.

BEWARE, New York the name has changed but that's about it.

Does that word "Access" ring any bells with my readers, well it certainly rings a few of my bells.

Remember Tish Ballance in Asheville, NC who was fined 10 million dollars and was a business partner with Michael DeRose in the Smile Starters, Medicaid Dental Center and Carolina Dental Center, isn't her new state of the art clinic she's opening up in Asheville called "Access West"! Yep, I just checked, that's the name she's advertising!

Appears only a coincidence with the name "Access".  "Appears" being the operative word.  Tish went on to open Carolina West Dentistry in Waynesboro, NC under the business name of Ballancing Act.  In July 2010 she registered a business named CanHouse Sudios, it too in Waynesboro.  

Tish Ballance dose NOT live even close to Waynesboro ( or at least didn't two years ago).  She lives on the southern outskirts of Charlotte, NC about150 miles away.

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