Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doral Dental Sending Patients to Small Smiles Across The Nation

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What you will find is that Doral Dental is a major "pusher" "enabler" of these rogue dental chains.

Millions must be being made to keep all these hands in the cookie jar full of cash.

Think about it:

Medicaid Dollars pass to the subcontractors such as United Health and Doral Dental and all their stockholders and employees, then on down to Small Smiles/FORBA and all staff there, including investors such as CIT and Arcapita Bank, then they advertise they pay they working dentist $144k a year plus bonuses, and let's not forget the office staff, buildings, equipment etc. And let's not forget all the money the DeRoses have in their pockets, giving millions to Creighton University, living in multi-million dollar homes, etc. Then you have the lobbyist on the Federal Level, and just about every state level, several high powered law firms, and more than one huge PR firm.

Now that's a heck of a lot of money being made by strapping children on papoose boards and drilling away and any tooth they can get.

Heck this thing is so profitable their are other people opening up clinics everyday trying to cash in on the huge cash cow!

Is anyone out there gonna quit pushing these clinics and close their doors or not!

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Anonymous said...

As a dental professional who sees approx 10-15 patients a day and is exhausted after that, I can't imagine "having" to see up to 30 patients per days on kids who cry, kick and scream throughout the procedure because they're kids! Posting up salaries and commenting on the types of homes the owners live in is ignorant! These dentists are doing more than just the "dirty" work of dentists. And by the way, these companies are helping out the communities in the inner cities across the country because private pediatric dental offices MAY give 1 day a week to "give back"! Find something more important to write about like the economy, gas prices, etc. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't!