Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Manama Al Manamah, Bahrain

June 18, 2008

Things must be really bugging the folks in Bahrain today.  Of course there is a major time zone difference but it's early here in the US, 10:30am or so and visitors from Bahrain have been here 6 times and that's very unusual. 

Something posted as really hit a cord with them I guess.  They are mostly interested in Roberta Baskin's latest  Small Smiles update.

My usual visitors are the mothers, parents, etc from children mistreated at Small Smiles and of course folks in Pueblo, Colorado; Nashville, TN; Colorado Springs, CO.  Visitors from Washington DC are also big visitors, as well as North Carolina and New York state, Maryland and Virginia. 

So when Manama Al Manamah (The Capitol of Bahrain) Bahrain shows up in my stats I know something is up.

Is this Small Smiles-FORBA thing going to end up turning into an International Incident?

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