Thursday, May 08, 2008

FORBA, LLC Formed 1-2002 then renamed to LIC SAC, LLC

About the exact same time the DeRose's sold the assets of FORBA, LLC they changed the name of FORBA, LLC (For Better Access) to LIC SAC, LLC. (Lick Sack, nothing but class those nasty scumbags...I mean scum sacks) 10-02-2006. Notice on the documents the address is that of DD Marketing in Pueblo.

To See the documents click here.

FORBA, LLC Articles Of Organization Here, see Dan DeRose's name right here!
Dan DeRose, Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William Mueller, and Adolph Padula.

According To The Colorado Secretary Of State Website, FORBA, LLC, named changed to LIC SAC, LLC, 10-02-2006 is listed as stated below:

5-5-2008: Entity name and any active trade names changed due to failure to file annual report

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