Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is FORBA FORba Sale or Just Needing Money?

arrow Wonder why Draper, Fisher and Jurvestion, an early stage venture capital company would be checking this blog out? The "keyword" they used in the search engine was "FORBA". After checking out all the other people/companies/law firms that have been 'avisitin' lately I have to wonder if someone is not trying to:

1. Unload FORBA to anyone that will take it.
2. FORBA /Small Smiles/DeRose getting their butts sued
3. Are really hurting for cash since they have to be at the top of the "red flag" list in all their billings.
(In fact, I bet a whole army of "color guards" come strolling through the Medicaid billing center)
4. FORBA is gathering up some cash for all the "settlements" and legal fees they are going to make and need.
5. FORBA is robbing from Peter to pay Paul, and that only makes for a sore

Here is the list of just a few visitors and the "keyword" they used if I know it:

Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn - Health Law Practice- "Medicaid Dental Center Settlement"
Shearman & Sterling -Law Firm
CIT Financial - Financial advisers for Arcapita
King & Spalding- Law Firm

Navigant Consulting-International Consulting Firm
Houlihan, Lokey, Howard and Zukin-Investment Bank-"FORBA and Child Abuse"
Interlink Advertising-Ad firm-"Michael DeRose"
International Monetary Fund-"DeRose Pueblo"

First Southern National Bank
Omnicom Management Services-Texas Ad Agency-"Dan DeRose"
LA SALLE CAPITAL- Investment Bank-"Forba/Small Smiles MA"
Covington and Burlington Law-Law Firm-"Delta Dental"

Veroxity Technology Partners
FTN Financial Investment bank-Investment Bank
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP-Law Firm-"Albany Small Smiles and Rochester"
RSM MCGLADREY-Accounting firm

CSC Holding-Holding Company-"Small Smiles Arcapita"
Cratos Capital Partners
Canon Capital Advisors-"Small Smiles Billing"
NCMIC-Insurance and Finance Group-"Medicaid Dental Center"

Forbin Group-"Papoose Board"
Peabody and Arnold, LLP-Law Firm-"Small Smiles"
Poyner & Spurill-Law Firm-"Child In Papoose Dental"
Vestar Capital Partners-Investment Group-"Rafael Rivera, DDS"
Lehman Brothers-Investment Bank-"Forba For Sale"

Wesley Capital
Draper, Fisher and Jurveston-Early Stage Investments-"FORBA"
Wells Fargo-Bank-"Tish Ballance"
Morgan Lucas & Bockius-International Law Firm-"FORBA"
Haynes and Boone, LLP-Internation Law Firm-"came to blog directly"
Deloitte & Touche

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