Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why FORBA is a Management Company?

I wonder if this is the reason they have the so called "Management" companies that in reality practice dentistry? FORBA, Western Dental, Heartland etc.

In Colorado for example it's illegal to be part of or a member of a LLC that practices dentistry if you are NOT a dentist. Ask, Diana and Todd Giblette.

Anyway, Dan...are you hearing this! Your name is still on the FORBA documents. But of course, FORBA just "manages" the clinics right! Yeah, whatever!

But think of this, if a person can't be owner of a dental LLC unless they are licensed dentists, then how can companies if the actual company isn't a licensed dentist and I don't think a company can actually work on a person's teeth but I could be wrong.

I might even be understanding all of this wrongly too.

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