Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kool Smiles Terra Haute Ex Employee's Comment

If you have had issues with the Kool Smiles in Terra Haute, IN clinic contact me at

Here an ex-employee comment on that clinic:

I just want to say that the same treatment and experiences that have happened in Atlanta are somewhat identical to the office in Terre Haute, Indiana. The CTL isn't x-ray certified, along with the other dental staff are not x-ray certified.(So how can she train those who aren't?) Looks like someone didn't do their homework!! Deadlines for xray certifications is running out!!

The CTL was also caught rough handling a 3 yr child approx. 2 months ago in front of the parent, Office Manager and other dental staff, but nothing was done.The Office Manager loves to lie to HR. Their day will soon come!

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Anonymous said...

I am a parent that was in the clinic and they are very rude and unprofessional. I witnessed them yelling at a child to shut there mouth or the child was going to get straped up. The child looked to be 4 years old. I thought this was very uncalled for. I took my kids out of there in fear that they would be treated the same if they were afraid.