Sunday, April 27, 2008

4-23-08: Parents Still Complaining About Dentists Abusing Children at Small Smiles

The Below comment was posted on 4-23-2008 from a parent in New York.

It appears despite all the rhetoric the FORBA/Small Smiles Public Relations machine is putting out saying things are 'achangin'. Not one thing has changed as I've been saying all along.

Daily across the country, Small Smile's is continuing to abuse children, nothing can be more clear.

Even after numerous investigative reports from people such as Roberta Baskin, with WJLA'sDeborah Sherman 9News' Investigative Team in Denver, Karen Schideler in Wichita, Kansas and Stewart Watson with WCNC in Charlotte, NC exposing Small Smiles and other DeRose Dental Clinics they refuse to change their ways.


I-Team in Washinton, DC,
kayleigh said...

i took my kids to small smiles last week and it was the worst experience of my life. I went in with my 3 year old son and he screamed through out the entire procedure. he was strapped down and by the time he left he had broken blood vessels all over his neck and face from screaming. the only time they stopped was to restrap him down. their grandmother went in with my daughter and when she came out she has broken blood vessels in her eye from screaming. i've been sick to my stomach over this since i left there. i feel as though i let these people violate my kids.

To Kayleigh:

I understand how terrible you feel. You put your trust in these people to give your children the care they deserves and you were violated. They clearly advertise in such a way to get your confidence in their ability to give children the utmost in care and treatment yet they continue everyday to violate that trust as well as several ethics, and probably a few laws.

It's up to you and people like you to put a stop to this. Recently (April 1, 2008 as a matter of fact) there was a story on WRGB in New Albany about this very thing. For people to think these stories are isolated cases would be a huge mistake.

I hope you called the 800 number I have posted as well as file complaints with your state's dental board and attorney general.

I urge you to step forward and to take action, write to everyone you can about this, post where ever you can about this and file formal complaints to the places mentioned above, as well as your state legislators and call the PRESS!

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