Monday, April 28, 2008

Warning For Employees of Smile Starters

Here is a warning posted as a comment from someone:

The “bay window” that someone talked about at Smile Starters is a window looking into the HYGIENE department. If a parent stays there a little too long, they are told they cannot stand there. There are also private rooms for “problem” hygiene patients. AND if a patient is having anything else done but a cleaning, parents cannot watch.

These “current employees of Smile Starters” who are so quick to defend the “owners” — who, by the way, are owners on paper only, since the corporation REALLY owns the practices — should open their eyes and see that they are lied to daily, about who owns the company, who is ultimately in charge, who is REALLY behind the clinic, etc.etc.

They should ALL read this website.

No wonder so many of the employees are leaving to go work for Tish Ballance. HAH !!!!

Like that’s an improvement.

Professionals can’t even get liability insurance because the NC DENTAL SOCIETY and ALL the insurance companies are forbidden to write policies for anyone who works for her.

Good thing she provides insurance for her employees — BUT whenever they leave her employ they are SOL because they can’t get their own insurance.

I’ve heard that a million times from all the professionals who were smart enough to distance themselves from Tish Ballance, Mike DeRose, Ryan Root, and EVERYONE else who is and was associated with these people. What a tangled web we weave…

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