Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008 Small Smiles VP in Virginia

Virginia Dental Advisory Commitee Minutes

Media Coverage of Medicaid Dental Clinics
Mr. Finnerty introduced Todd Cruse, Sr. Vice President of Small Smiles who addressed the Committee about the recent negative press events around the clinical treatment provided at the Small Smiles Clinics. Mr. Cruse referenced several news stories that ran on local and national television stations on the operations in several of his clinics around the country. He reported that some of the televised reports were false and misconstrued the facts.

Claims of misconduct by clinic dentists were investigated. Audit results were positive and Small Smiles has been reinstated by affected managed care organizations. Free care was provided to children during the period of network suspensions. Small Smiles has a new Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Steven Adair, who will work to ensure quality dental services in the clinics. The use of protective stabilization occurs in approximately 4% of the children treated in the clinics.

A hotline has been established for parents to call if they have any concerns about the dental treatment provided in any of the clinics. Dr. Chema reported DMAS had performed site visits and determined that the clinical operations in the three Virginia clinics appeared to be within acceptable standards of practice.

Well what did they think Todd Cruse was going to say? Did they invite, introduce or ask for statements for all the children or parents of children who Small Smiles has tied down and done unnecessary work on, well no!

Just more hogwash!

The above mentions a hotline for complaints... where is that number exactly and who gets that call, Small Smiles office!? Yes, as we can see from past behavior they police themselves very well.

What really kills me is that Todd Cruse, Mike DeRose and even David Meyer make all these blanket statements and fail to address the real issues.

Todd evidently failed to discuss the "training manual" that devotes a full page on how to separate children from their parents.

Todd didn't address just how many papoose board they have in each clinic.

Todd didn't mention the daily emails that go out telling each clinic the days quota they were expected to make.

It amazes me that when an "board" or "agency" investigates they ask the criminal instead of the victims!

How many victims have been invited to speak in front of these dental boards? Yet, Todd can get an audience with them... Just friggin amazing!

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