Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Michael A. DeRose- Health Care Reform Act Elector

New York State Department of Health

What is it?

This is what is says at the site:

Below is an alphabetical list and Excel Worksheets of organizations that have voluntarily elected to make public goods payments directly to the Department of Healths Pool Administrator. To be included on the list, an organization must have elected in conformance with HCRA provisions and Department requirements. The current list is tentative, conditional upon review and acceptance of the information submitted by the payors on their election applications. This list will be updated monthly.

Effective April 1, 2008
Here is the link to see where he is listed click

I'm not sure what this is, but using the words "conformance" and "Michael A. DeRose" in the same sentence raises my suspicions, what about yours?

The info at the link says:
Effective date (for mikie) is July 2007
Michael A DeRose, DDS, PA
Charlotte, NC
Contact Info is: Ryan Root at (704)395-6000

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Anonymous said...

I understood that when the sale took place none of the DeRoses were to practise dentistry for 8 years after the sale.

Anonymous said...

What sale exactly?

Anonymous said...

when they sold small smiles and Forba took over. Dr. Ed DeRose informed us that was part of the stipulation of the sale.

Anonymous said...
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