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At least 27 Corporate Identities for DeRose Dental Family of Companies

First I'm thinking to myself, these people and those yet to be named out loud have to just absolutely hate the Internet! And you gotta know they HATE me beyond words. I expect to start getting threats any day now...

I know they are so wishing this would just go away, Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, Smile Starters, Smile High, The DeRose's, Drs. Tran and Pham, all of them!

You know when I will go away, when they are run out of the country, doors closed on each and every abusing dentist office across this nation and a huge bon fire of papoose boards is lit at our nations Capitol, so it looks like I'm going to be doggin this subject and those involved for a very very long time!

When they first started this Kruelty To Children dental business plan, they couldn't have foreseen how much of their information would be available to just anyone who wanted to take the time to find it.

Second, I'm kinda just thinking out loud here,... trying to get the mass of information I've collected in some kind of order in my head, but at this point, it's spinning!

Where and how did Arcapita get all messed up in this. I mean for 460.3 million dollars as is reported that at some point was given to someone (several someones, several LLC's, INC's whatever..more on this one) for FORBA, LLC what did Arcapita get? (...a mess is what I'm kidding guys, don't get bent all outta shape)

Again I'm confused because in some reports it says that Arcapita Bank got FORBA for 142 million in Jan. 2006 see here.

Then other reports (arcapita's annual report) of Aracapita (no bank on this one) got FORBA for 460.3 Million! WOW that's a huge profit in little under a year for someone!!! WOW!!

Or did Arcapita get FORBA at all... Hmmmmm .... I dunno... cause ...well read on...

But according to documents I find, FORBA, LLC is really LIC SAC, LLC...owned by Dan DeRose... or is it really... Hmmmm..... I dunno... read on.... (yes, I said LIC as in Lick and SAC as in Sack)

I don't understand how private investment firms or large Investment Banks, like in Arcapita works. Not one clue. Can anyone honestly tell me if Arcapita Bank owns all these Small Smiles/FORBA or did they just put up a huge amount of money for these guys to build some more clinics, torture chambers as some would say.

I know the real movers and shakers, who facilitated and participated in this DeRose-FORBA, LLC-Small Smiles-Arcapita thingy visit hear nearly everyday. I'm sure they understand the whole thing.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State, FORBA, LLC changed it's name to LIC SAC, LLC 10-2-06 and is currently delinquent in it's filings with the state of Colorado.

Sooooooooooooo, if FORBA, LLC is operating in Colorado or any state that requires it, shouldn't there be a "Foreign Entity" filing for ya? (HINT! HINT!) I didn't find one in Colorado, Tennessee or the famous Delaware. (for those reading that don't know, Delaware is a common place to file your Corporation because of it's protective laws among other things)

I've gone back and gone over all the document filings a bit more, (not much I admit) and MY GOD, talk about name changes, flip flopping corportations, LLC's and DBA's, honestly folks!

It would take 10 lawyers, 35 CPA's and a tree chart the size of a football field to line all of it out and 20 years. ( that is just the way it was planned) And I know good and well, all of these companies require a full service CPA firm, with a house full of accountants dedicated to only Edward J. DeRose, Michael DeRose, and Dan DeRose and all their many companies.

Back in the day, prior to Internet and access to the files at the secretary of states, it would take federal agencies years to sort it all out, then I'm not sure it would be right.

I admit, about the time I get in figured out in my head, I get confused once again. I know the (think I know) the "donor sperm" for all the companies to follow was Smile High Partners back in 1998, no wait, it's DeRose Children's Dental... Crap! I'm confused again.

Here are just a few company names I've fan across in just three states all trailing right back to the DeRose Dental Corruption Family: (I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg)
TIP: For any of you that decide to check out the sos website in North Carolina, you have to hit everything twice for some reason). God only knows there must be at least this many more I didn't find!

Smile High Partners
Smile High Dental Partners
Smille High Dentistry For Children, PC

FORBA Mangement, LLC
FORBA Holding, Inc
FORBA Services (wonder what kind of servicing they do?)
Sanus Inc
Sanus Holding, LLC
Sanus Servies, LLC,INC, whatever...

DeRose Children's Dental Center, Inc or LLC (something or other, I forget at this point.)
DeRose Children's Dental Center, PC
DeRose Management, LLC-consulting service for dental clinics
Dr. Michael A. DeRose Professional Corporation
Edward and Michael DeRose Corporation
Lazarus, LLC see here
6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic
Children's Medicaid Dental Clinic in Aurora, CO

Small Smiles
Small Smiles Holding
Small Smiles of ________ (insert many different names of corporations here it, pretty much any city they have a clinic in or did at the time)

Medicaid Dental Centers
SmileStarters or Smile Starters
Carolina Dental Center
Ballance-DeRose, D.D.S., PC
Michael Anthony DeRose, DDS, PC
Friends of Football, Inc

Then there is Tran and Pham leaving Smile High and creating:

Kool Smiles
Kool Smiles 2
Kool Smiles Holding (does anyone see a pattern here beside me)

BTW, to those out there that think ffl owns Kool Smiles, that is inncorrect:
Here is what FFL says:

Kool Smiles manages dental clinics providing oral healthcare primarily to pediatric Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (“SCHIP”) patients, a niche on which few dental healthcare providers concentrate. This lack of access for children on Medicaid provides an attractive market opportunity to Kool Smiles as it continues to build additional clinics with a mission to provide quality care to this underserved population.
The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. FFL invested in KoolSmiles in 2004 to provide liquidity to founders and growth capital.

Clearly Kool Smiles is up to exactly what Small Smiles, FORBA, and the DeRose's private clinics have the exact same business model.

Wouldn't you just love to get a look at their "Mission Statement"!!

There are thousands and I mean thousands of posts all across the Internet of horrific treatment of children by Kool Smiles, knows to others who have had experiences there are Kruel Smiles.

Each and every time these companies hire big and I mean big PR firms to spread their corporate propoganda. (hell I be the hire people to spend hours on the Internet make false positive posts about these places)

A person can't even count the number of statements saying the negative reports are false, misleading, from disgruntled employees, isolated incidents and blah blah blah.

But there just can't be thousand and thousands of horrible stories and reports from people all across this nation and them not be true factual statements!

A Few of all the LLC, INC's, PC's, and CC's (joking about the cc's, but there does seem to be a pattern of carbon copie companies, but that would make them, ccc's wouldn't it...oh well....) are defunct, but not many of them. Most are current with all their required filings with the Secretary of State in Colorado. FORBA, LLC - LICSAC,LLC is delinquent.

A couple have different address, but most have either one or two:

415 N. Grand Street, Pueblo, CO where DD Marketing has it's location. (Dan DeRose, well he helps schools raise money, he's dad and brother don't seem to need his help doing (Wait, does anyone see a pattern here... children, schools, dentist, children,... )

And most of the others use the 618 Church Street, Suite 520 address in Nashville. The only one to really venture off to a new address is Sanus and it's various names and it uses 111417th Ave South, Suite 201, Nashville, TN.

Is it just me, or does it seem that they just have too many company names?

I mean I understand some, really I do. But not this many! I would understand a mother/father company for all the dental clinics and maybe each location have it's own corporation.

I would understand one for the Real Estate. And one for the Management Service.

But the others just seem like trying to bury themselves in a very long paper trail, so why would you need to do that, being you are all up and up in the business community and all.

Honestly and I'm not kidding here... I think a couple of times, they changed the names of one of the companies, back and forth twice!

Hiding and Campaign Contributions seem two "sneaky" reasons to have so many. According to campaign records many of the company names as well as each individual and their spouses were "major" contributors to Governor Bill Ritter and The Colorado Republican Committee.


At first in all of this I was thinking why real Pediatric Dentists "Pedo's", as they are referred didn't throw a fit about these people, but then I realized they keep from stepping on the toes of their peers by catering (exploiting, torturing, abusing, traumatizing) poorer families and children, whose parents couldn't come close to affording going to a real pediatric dentist, heck I sure couldn't afford it.

But then you have to assume this doesn't just happen to public assistant children, it happens to private pay children, and private insurance companies as well...

One other thought here:
Something tells me if a person put Kool Smiles and Small Smiles FORBA on the auction block today, they wouldn't get much for it! If Arcapita owns/invested in/backed/purchased,whatever, they got majorly screwed last year or the prior, which ever is correct, didn't they?

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