Monday, April 07, 2008

Very Graphic Interview -Children Leave Dentist Office With Extreme Bruising


This video is extremely graphic and may be very disturbing!

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Sorry, the video has been removed.

These Clinics were owned/are by Dr. Michael DeRose and Dr. William Mueller.

A child died being treated by Dr. Matthew C. Nolen, trained at clinic owned by Dr. William Mueller.

Dr. Ed DeRose owned the one clinic named "Smile High Dentistry"

According to public records, Dr. Tu Tran from "Smile High Dentistry" in Colorado moved on to become Chief Dentist for Kool Smiles.

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Anonymous said...

George C. Brain, the 'Nazi Dentist'. Tacoma, WA

Dr Brain is a very poor excuse for a child dentist. We have an non verbal autistic son and he kept presurring us to 'trust him' and 'let him cap all of his teeth to prevent future issues'. We had bad feelings when he refused to xray his teeth but yet want to just cap his teeth. We pulled our son from Mary Bridge in Tacoma, not allowing him to touch our child. This guy is like an old World War II Nazi Doctor. There is a reason he has been on KIRO and King 5 news. He is defrauding DSHS I'm sure. Stay away from this creepy, Nazi dentist. Just watch the Movie " The Dentist" then you will know. B E W A R E stay away from the 'Nazi Dentist'.