Sunday, April 27, 2008

DeRose's Own Football Stadium-Give Me A Break!

photo by: Chris McLean

Colorado State University-Pueblo's Thunderwolve's new 13 million dollar stadium, named the "Ed and Neta DeRose Thunderbowl" in honor of the major contributor and local dental clinic duo. (choking on using the word, DeRose and honor in the same sentence)

Honestly, where do these people get off anyway. At times, these people seem to be legands in their own minds. You would think they were some kind of oil sultans to see the money they spend and donate. You read the glowing bios (they probably wrote themselves) and you will hear how they, well, really Ed then Michael, donated their lives to providing dental care to the poor children in Colorado and 17 other states.

Reading that crap one would expect to see them dressed in drab missionary ware so to speak, not having this honor or that stadium or living in 3+ million dollar homes and such. Really!

Has anyone not ever asked how that was so profitable!

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Unknown said...

Who are you and what kind of a grudge do you have. You really need to get a life. I have known the DeRose family almost my entire life and have witnessed their generosity. Yes, they and many others contributed to building this stadium and bringing football back to CSU Pueblo. It is great for the community and the school. My first dental assisting job was with Dr. Eddie when I was still in high school many many years ago. I am still in dentistry, but in another dental office with no connection to the DeRoses, and I have nothing but respect for this family. They have given back to this community many times over and most people don't even know how generous they are because they don't give with the condition of posting what they do. You must need to get a life and stop being so obscessed with this family. Nancy Mastreno