Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dr. Maziar Izadi Leaving FORBA's Albany Access Dentistry?

It's been reported to me that Dr. Maziar Izadi of Small Smiles Albany, New York fame is leaving the practice. I don't know how true this is, but it came from a pretty solid source. 

If you remember he was the 'lead' dentist when this clinic was called Small Smiles, then the bad press hit the clinic with a series of reports from Steve Flamisch.

FORBA then changed the name of the clinic to Albany Access Dentistry, then tried to sell the public and New York's Medicaid System that it was under new ownership and the new owner was Dr. Izadi and FORBA was no longer involved. We know this not the be the case now, don't we.

Wonder who will be the lead dentist now, clearing throat, I mean 'owner' of Albany Access Dentistry.

Wonder if Dr. Izadi is getting ready to skip the country?

He went to work at another clinic who was notified who he was, he was fired.  He then landed at Allcare or Aspen, I forget.

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