Thursday, April 09, 2009

Smile Starters Complaint #101

I have read the article on the Smile Starters investigation. I wanted to share a story about my visit with the Winston-Salem, NC Smile Starters in 2001. I went in to have my teeth cleaned and see about having my wisdom teeth cut out. When I went in the I never had a problem with my teeth, not a spot on them. They took an x-ray and told me I had 8 cavities in all my mollars. When I asked about why my teeth didn't hurt or have any spots on them, they told my I had a rare tooth decay disorder that caused my teeth to rotten from the inside out. I was 17 so my mom didn't go with me and I didn't know I could tell them no they can't prefrom the fillings. So i let them start drilling my teeth, they gave my 10 shots in my mouth and I felt EVERYTHING!!! When I told the dentist this she told me well we have already given you too much medicine you are just gonna have to be a big girl. Then I was flinching and moving while she was drilling and her exact words to me were : "You better sit still or I'm going to cut your mouth all up. I can't stop drilling fast enough to keep from cutting you." They couldn't cut my wisdom teeth out that day so hey scheduled me for 2 days later. I went in that day and they broke my jaw removing my teeth! They claim that I had roots that are 1.5 cm longer than normal and they curved backwards and attached themselve to my jaw bone. On top of that they give my 800mg IBuprofen to manage my pain.This was the worst experience of my life. Since then I have had nothing but problems out of my back teeth. I was someone that use to pride myself on my teeth. Now I have these large black fillings in my mouth that I hate. I hope these so called dentist are not allowed to put their hands on anymore children.!!!
Heather K

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