Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Small Smiles Dentist's Still Abusive After $24 Million Settlement

A grandmother made this comment on a blog post this morning and thought it deserved being posted right up front. According to her this happened Mon. January 25, 2010. I advised her to contact HHS and report it. Personally I wouldn't waste my time with FORBA's hotline. If you call it, it's likely they will just have a heads up to cover up. You would think after the national attention Small Smiles got AGAIN last week, the dentists and assistants would have gotten the word to do better, guess not.

I have never had a problem with the billing situtation. But what about the nurses and Dentist that fill like they can get away with abuse toward our childern. I'm a grandmother raising 4 granddaughters all go to Small Smiles until today. My 10 year old has asthma they know this and also knows she is scared of Dentist and Doctor from treatment on her asthma. They have always been pretty good about calming her down and making her fill safe. But when a Dentist goes in and belittles her because she is crying and scared and another (the Dentist Assitant) grabbes her arms and shakes her back and forth and all 3 of them laugh at her afterwards. She then makes a comment "You will probably get me fired". My granddaughter tells the Dentist she needed her inhaler because she was having a hard time breathing, instead of getting her inhaler the Dentist tells her "I think your doing this just to get attention". Then she says " Let's all stare at her and give her the attention and see if she will stop crying". I ask again who is protecting our children behind closed doors at Small Smiles. I went up and talk to some supervisor and she pretty much said my granddaughter was lying.

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Anonymous said...

I can believe this 100%. The Small Smiles that I work for will tell the kids in the hygiene room in front of all these other kids that if they don't stop crying they are going to take them to the "Baby room" and treat them like babies, or they will call it the bad kids room. Either way they humiliate the scared child in front of all the other kids. This is a daily occurance.