Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here It Is July 2010 and States Are Still Not Cracking Done On Kool Smiles-More Bad News

Have you been wondering how things are going at Kool Smiles?  Are they cleaning up their act?  You decide. Well here is a review of the Kool Smiles in New Bedford, MA:

From one Mother to another, here is a brief description of my experience with Kool smiles. One afternoon I was brushing my two year old sons teeth when I noticed a small pin size hole in one of his canine teeth. I immediately got online to find a dentist for my son that would accept my health insurance and when I came upon Kool smiles in the list of providers I was ecstatic! I had seen their commercials on television and I knew it would be a great place to bring him because the entire place was geared toward children his age. I called to setup the appointment which I was able to get very quickly (now I know why). We arrived the morning of our visit and my son could not have been more excited to find a little climbing area with a slide and other children to play with while he waited, I thought "what a great idea to make the dentist seem like a fun place to try to ease the fear of the little ones instead of having them sitting in a waiting room fearing what would happen when it was their turn". I filled out the usual new patient paper work and after about 40 minutes we were in the room getting x rays and an exam. When the dentist came in the room to examine my sons teeth and look over his x rays she had found that he had six cavities in his mouth and she decided that it would be appropriate to grind down all six teeth and put metal caps on each one of them, I expressed my concern that the cavities were so small they were hardly noticeable to the naked and eye and I didn't see why such extreme measures needed to be taken for such small holes. The dentist had explained to me that they are not able to fill cavities in young children's mouths because they don't last very long when the cavities are "so deep" and that in their office they will not fill them because it isn't their policy. I was very disheartened with their solution to fix my two years old's teeth so much so that I had decided to go and get a second opinion. I called a new office and got an appointment for four weeks later. When I brought him to this dentist the cavities had gotten a lot worse because they were untreated for several weeks while I was waiting to have him seen. We went in the examination room and and had the same exam done, and they reviewed his x rays and the dentist told me that the cavities were so minimal that he wouldn't even need to use Novocaine to get them filled since they were only on the surface and had not reached the nerve (mind you kool smiles couldn't fill them because they were "so deep"). He said there was no way that he would need to have any of his teeth capped because the cavities were so minimal. Walking out of the office that day I had felt such a huge sigh of relief that my toddler didn't have to have his teeth ground down and metal caps placed over them!  Needless to say I would NOT recommend Kool smiles in anyway they are money hungry and would go as far as putting an innocent two year old through many painful unnecessary trips to the dentist to be left with a mouth full of metal caps just to make a buck. Please don't fall for their commercials... the way they get their money to pay for them is completely disheartening and unethical.