Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unacceptable? You decide

Unacceptable Dental Practices in 2010
  1. 1 Dentist seeing an average of 32 patients a day – That is an average of 4 minutes per child.  Same dentist strapped down 100 children and put on 1000 Stainless Steal Crowns.  I bet this dentist did a fine job!  Why is this person not in jail?
  2. 1 Clinic (of three dentists) strapping down over 700 children in 88 days – That is almost 7 children papoosed a day in one clinic.  A clinic papoosing 540 is 88 days is not any better, nor is a clinic who papooses 450 in those same 88 days.
  3. 1 Dentist tying almost 300 hundred children in 88 days is also unacceptable - That's an average of three a day for 1 dentist.  If I tied up 1 child in 88 days I would be in jail.
  4. 17 Dentists all tying up children more than 100 times in 88 days.
  5. 1 Child receiving  13 Stainless Steel Crowns, 11 Pulpotomies and 2 fillings in one OR visit.
  6. 1 Clinic of 3 dentist clinic strapping down 160 children in 20 days.
  7. Approximately 210 dentists doing 7 or more pulpotomies and putting on 7 or more stainless steal crowns on 400 children in 88 days.
  8. 200 dentists pulling over 6 teeth at one visit on 100 children in 88 days.
  9. One clinic of three dentists seeing 900 patients in one 5 day work week.  - That is 900 patients in 120 hours.  That is an average of 7 minutes per child.
  10. No wonder 1000 treatments had to be redone in 88 days, putting children through hell double time.
It should be no surprise many office staff do not know the difference between "filling" and "feeling".
I know I am missing many other outrageous dental practices that have taken place in 2010 but these are on my mind at the present time.