Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Terminology To Sell It To The Kids and Parents

Stainless Steel Crowns – Hats for teeth

Papoose Board – Blanket

Pulpotomy – Medicine for the tooth

Guaze – Band-aide

Blood – Heme

Shots – Sleepy juice

Needles – Needs

X-ray – Taking pictures

Fluoride – Vitamins

Tylok Dental Cement– Glue

Etch – Soap

Small Suction – Mr. Thirsty

Large Suction – Vacuum

Curing Light – Tooth Dryer

Extraction – To wiggle out the tooth

High Speed Drill – Mr. Whistler

Slow Speed Drill – Mr. Bumpy

Bite Block – Pillow for sleepy teeth

Amalgam – Silver stars