Saturday, July 02, 2011

Aetna DMO only offers bottom of the barrel dental provider

This is a great example of an informed consumer.  “Jenny” sent me this just the other day.   Thanks “Jenny”!

From Lincoln Nebraska

My company gives a choice of Aetna PPO or Aetna DMO.  I was looking over the options and found the DMO sounded nice but after doing a search it turned up only one option for me, Blome Family Dentistry with Gregory and Sara Blome(father and daughter).  I hit one of the many "rate your doctor" websites and found that they both had sanctions against them.  Both of the sanctions had to deal with the Mother(Cindy Blome as stated on the staff page of their website).  She worked(maybe stills works) at the office and in 2008 the DEA looked into the large amount of hydrocodone being ordered by the office.  The father Gregory had gotten himself put on probation claiming he knew nothing about it and then in 2009 the daughter Sara was put on probation about the very same thing.  The mother was ordering these for her "migraines" but the sanctions states(Under Sara's) :

" The respondent’s mother ordered over 48,000 doses of hydrocodone using the respondent’s father’s DEA permit, in which the hydrocodone was for the mother’s personal use, paid for by clinic funds. During June 2008 and February 2009, 9 orders for hydrocodone were placed with a dental supply company, using the respondent’s DEA number. The respondent denies any knowledge of pharmaceutical orders made using her DEA number."

Now I am not sure how many hydrocodone pills a dentist hands out but even if half of them where given to patients in this timeframe, the rest are waaaay too many for a single person to take.  Now this is a assumption, but, it kinda sounds as if there may have been some drug dealing going on out of this office.  I did find a online report that also stated that at least Gregory in March of 2010 had a probation violation as well.

May main point of this is why the Aetna insurance company would only be able to provide DMO insurance with this one office that appears to have a very corrupt system of drug record keeping if not more going on?
I will paste the links at where I found this info if needed.