Friday, October 07, 2011

Dental One Under Investigation In Colorado Fallout Hitting Texas? Is Dell Computer CEO a dentist?

What does Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell computers know about root canals?

Word coming out of Colorado today is the Dental One clinic in Mountain, Colorado might be in some trouble. Rumor has it the District Attorney in Monument, Colorado is investigation billing fraud allegations.

Dental One operates 14 practices in Colorado including
Jackson Creek Dental Care
15854 Jackson Creek Parkway
Suite 140
Monument, CO 80132

Dental One is based in Dallas, Texas
DentalOne Partners - Dallas
17300 Dallas Parkway
Suite 1070
Dallas, Texas 75248

Dental One

Dental One says it's an advisory company that owns clinics in various states.

Dental One Officers:
Edward H. Meckler, Chairman, DDS
Peter Grumbos, Chief Clinical Officer, DDS, FAGD
Keith Miller, Chief Operating Officer
David J. Krause, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Drzewiecki, Chief Information Officer
David G. Slezak, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Charlie Zasso, Chief Clinical Director, DDS, FAGD
Andy McBryde, Vice President, Central Operations
Chris Tsichlis, Vice President, Human Resources

Dental One, Inc
Dental Care Partners, Inc
Dental One Partners is a trademark owned by Dental One, Inc and refers to dental practices serviced by either Dental Care Partners, Inc or Dental One, Inc.
Dental Works – refers to dental practices serviced by Dental Care Partners, Inc



DentalOne Partners - Dallas
17300 Dallas Parkway
Suite 1070
Dallas, Texas 75248

Phone: 972-755-0800
Fax: 972-755-0890

March 2007 – Purchased by North Peak Capital, LLC a subsidiary of MSD Capital, LP (MSD=Michael and Susan Dell, CEO, Dell Computers