Monday, July 16, 2012

Want to hear a real crock? …

By Jim Cross
PHOENIX -- An ABC News investigative report found some states require very little for dentists to be certified to administer sedatives to children and that 12 children have died nationally after being sedated by dentists.

Arizona dentists face some of the toughest standards in the nation. Kevin Earle is executive director of Arizona Dental Association and said if parents have fears make sure their dentist is board certified.

"If you go to a board-certified pediatric dentist you can be certain the individual has had proper training. Where the concern lies is with individuals who have not had that extensive training.

"The use of oral sedatives have become much more common in the past 10 years so if you have a general dentist who graduated more than 10 years ago, there is an obligation to have more extensive training before they proceed with using oral sedatives."

Earle said board-certified dentists are trained to deal with any emergency.

"There's a rigorous permitting process that includes having proper equipment on site in case there is an incident and having proper medication in case there's a reaction. The assistants are trained to react quickly in the case of an incident."

"We're lucky here in Arizona that those have been in place for more than 10 years."

Earle said to the best of his knowledge there has never been an incident involving the administering of oral sedation.

Jim Cross, Reporter