Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Great Dental Surgery Fraud of 2012


The Great Dental Surgery Fraud of 2012
September 6, 2012

So, remember a while ago when I told you that Little Man had 13 cavities and would need oral surgery?  Well, that has turned into something resembling a three ring circus.  I will just say right off the bat that I don't really care for the dental office but we didn't have many choices for dentists who accept Medicaid.  They didn't do anything overtly wrong, per se, it was more of a mother's intuition.

After the appointment where they told me he practically needed a whole new set of teeth, a woman in scrubs (I have no idea who she was or what her job function is) whisked me into a conference room, had me sign a bunch of papers, called the surgery center and had an appointment for Little Man's surgery within a matter of 10 minutes.  Seriously.  I felt like I was at a used car lot!  Once I had finished signing the papers, scrub woman asked me who would be signing the consent for him to go under anesthesia.  I said that it would be his DHS worker since DHS is his legal guardian.  Fine, no problem.  They'd call her and get her to sign the papers, which they did.  His surgery was supposed to be yesterday.
The day before the surgery, as I am walking out the door with five children in tow to take two to their first day of school, my cell phone rings.  When I check the voicemail later, there is a message from Little Man's DHS worker but, because it was cutting in and out, all I got was something about her not being able to make it to the surgery the next day.  Um, okay.  I didn't think she would.  Then I received a call from the surgery center telling me that we would have to reschedule because the DHS worker was "unwilling" to sign over legal guardianship to me for the day so he could get surgery.  Um, okay.  What the WHAT?!  A judge is in charge of assigning guardianship...what is this woman talking about?!

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