Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CSHM media response after Today Show investigation


Here is the letter the company’s new CEO sent in response to inquiry by NBC during their investigation. Note, David Wilson, the new CEO’s name is blurred out. Mr. Wilson also declined interview. Makes me wonder if Mr. Wilson has gone into hiding or something.

After the story aired December 11, 2012, the company put out a response statement; again, names of any person associated with the company omitted. However, they sure want the public to believe they have the ‘stamp of approval’ from HHS-OIG. Read statement..

BTW, the 50 new dentists HHS-OIG spokesperson Lisa Re and CSHM bragged about hiring – they employ between 200-250, (maybe more) dentists in the 66 clinics. Their turnover rate is approximately 48% for dentists. They hire 50 news dentists every month dang near it! The last week of every month is “new hire training week” in Nashville and you will find between 15-20 or more at any of those training sessions.