Monday, February 04, 2013

It’s getting bizarre in Texas over all the dental Medicaid Fraud being uncovered. The whackos are coming out of the closet and testifying in Austin.

TDMR-FraudLast week some whacked “organization” had their “President” testify before the Texas Senate Finance Committee singing the blues over dentists being investigated for Medicaid fraud in the state.

Well, it’s not really an “organization” per se, it’s more like 3 highly questionable dentists and a general counsel for a controversial law firm.

Greg Ewing, president of Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform Fraud (you will understand this later) group said dentists were unfairly having funds withheld by the state because of a “2 years of disinformation” – did he mean by the media? If so, that means the media has mucho power!  He further stated  “evidence of fraud does not exist”. Ewing actually insinuated to even investigate the possibility for Medicaid fraud would be a waste of taxpayers money, saying “the State will lose money because the level of investigation will end up costing taxpayers millions more".

Was he really telling the Senate Finance Committee,  “look guys, they have already stolen it, let ‘em keep it and while you’re at it, tell HHS and OIG to leave them alone?”

Ewing also sat there with a straight face and told the Finance Committee that the Texas Medical Association did an independent review of Carousel Dentistry operations and found the clinics “highly efficient”. Why Carousel was even mentioned in beyond me. More on Carousel later.

Who is Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform? 


Greg Ewing - PresidentThe president of TDMR is Greg Ewing, an attorney for Asbahi Law Group.  Asbahi Law Group is more or less a lobbyist started in 2009 by Mazen Asbahi, a former community organizer, but best known for his appointment by the Barack Obama campaign to head up outreach efforts in the Arab American and American Muslim community. Asabahi later resigned after it was revealed he served on the board of the Allied Assets Advisors Fund with Jamal Said which supposedly raised money for Hamas.  Currently it’s reported Mazen Asbahi newest lobby efforts are to get guns to Syrian Rebels.

Wonder why this Mazen Asbahi guy is so interested in Texas Medicaid fraud?

The only other people mentioned on their website are 3 members who are dentists., Dr. Tara Rios, Dr. Juan Villareal, DDS and Dr. Vivian Teegardin, DDS, both of Harlingen Family Dentistry in Harlingen, Texas.


Tara Rios - MemberDr. Tara Rios, DDS
Brownsville Family Dentistry
1601 E. Alton Gloor Boulevard
Suite 108
Brownsville, TX 78526
Phone: (956) 542-1956
Fax: (956)542-3672
2010 –D2930 Crowns = 82

In the bios of the “members” of TDMR, they fail to use Dr. Rios’s complete name – Dr. Tara Rios Ybarra. In 2010 then Texas State Representative (D-South Padre Island) was taken into federal custody for Medicaid fraud which also involved Texas dentist Gary Morgan Schwaz and six others. Schwaz, owner of Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was accused of paying dentists to received referrals for Medicaid recipients. 

Tara Rios Ybarra charged in Medicaid fraud case

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and His Employees Indicted – FBI

Appears it’s not the first time Rios-Ybarra has been used as a patsy.  While a Texas Representative it appears she sponsored bills that were actually put forth by “special interests”.

Tara Rios Ybarra Unprepared and Clueless on her own bills – You have to see this one!!

“Well, we can all see that she was basically elected to her district because she is Hispanic and nothing more. I guess this is what happens when you are corrupt. She had no business being elected to any office in the united states. She would be great in Mexico though. Worthless piece of trash!”


Juan Villarreal - Member

Dr. Juan Villarreal, DDS
Harlingen Family Dentistry
1214 Dixieland Rd. #4
Harlingen, Texas 78552



Dr. Juan D. Villarreal owns the clinic where 10 year old Marcos Tirado was basically euthanized in September 2012. However, just last week (January 23, 2013) it was announced that it was ruled an “accidental euthanization” – my words.

Autopsy rules Harlingen dental death as accidental

Medical Professionals say Childs Death at Dentist was Preventable

Reckless homicide in my opinion

Dr. Juan Villarreal is Chairman and President of Narconon of South Texas.(bottom of page)

How Radical Scientology Rips Off Medicaid is a piece on Dr. Villarreal not to be over looked.


Vivian Teegardin - Member

Vivian Ann Teegardin, DDS
Harlingen Family Dentistry
1214 Dixieland Rd. #4
Harlingen, Texas 78552



Vivian Teegardin is Juan Villarreal’s wife, sister, significant other, whatever… You don’t find one without the other, that’s for sure.  Vivi along with Dr. Villarreal are associated with the Church of Scientology Mission of Harlingen.  Vivi is a Director and Treasurer of Narconon of South Texas, Inc.  Along with Juan, Vivian Teegardin sponsor Scientology’s “The Way to Happiness Essay Contest.

Who backs TDMR?

Greg Ewing said in this statement to the Texas Senate Finance Committee the group was backed by the Texas Medical Association and an “insurer”. Hmmm… wonder just who is that “insurer”

Who believes Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform Fraud is not backed by Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations – the Private Equity’s group?

I do, I do, I do… was registered in August 2012 and the administrative organization of the website is Domains By Proxy, which means they don’t want you to know how actually “owns” the site.

Is Scientology a stakeholder in Medicaid Dentistry?

Freudian FraudianSlip?

It’s truly rolling on the floor funny to see a group pleading to keep their income stream from Medicaid fraud alive have a Freudian Slip, or in this case “Fraudian Slip.

I almost want to keep it to myself because I know they are going to rush to change it.  But this is just too good.












Carousel Pediatrics – Trueblood Dental Associates

Carousel Pediatrics had to close their dental practice last week after the state began to withhold 100% of their Medicaid payments over fraudulent activity. Carousel is owned by Dr. Glenn Wood – NOT A Dentist.

Carousel Pediatrics dental department is ran by Rachel Trueblood, DDS and operates as Trueblood Dental Associates, PA. Dr. Wood claims he is being falsely accused by the state for $18 million in fraud.

In 2011 Trueblood Dental Associates PA was paid $6,613,566 for procedures on 91,208 unique patients in 6 Austin clinics. Total number of paid procedures were 140,642. Nearly $1M in Stainless Steel Crowns D2930 alone, that doesn’t count the pulpotomies (baby root canals that go with them).

Trueblood Dental Associates FYE 2011 data

In response to the story of Carousel’s closing, Stephanie Goodman, the spokesman for Health and Human Services Commission in Texas stated, “Continuing Medicaid payments to offices with highly suspect billing practices doesn’t help children.…”

… “Once we’re able to make all the facts in this case public, it will be very clear that the Office of Inspector General’s actions are necessary to protect children and protect taxpayers.”