Thursday, June 27, 2013

Antoine Dental Centers Creditable Allegation of Fraud (CAF) Hearing

If you haven’t read part 1 of “Ho” Down in Texas I suggest you do so before continuing. Read it here

The group calling themselves Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform posted only two cherry picked depositions on their website in relation to the Antoine Dental Centers State Office of Administrative Hearings(SOAH).  TDMR again portraying the fraudsters as victims, just like they tried to do with Harlington Dental.  Posted on the TDMR website were Dr. Larry Tadlock’s deposition and Jack Stick’s deposition.  Dr. Tadlock was the expert witness for the state.  Mr. Stick is the Director of Enforcement at OIG. You can catch up on TDMR here.

I guess TDMR didn’t want people to read the actual hearing transcripts, and I can certainly understand why.


Below are the transcripts from the four days of hearings.  Anyone interested in this subject should find them revealing and at times, quite amusing.

Antoine Dental Centers vs. THHSC-OIG

Day 1 Hearing Transcripts

Day 2 Hearing Transcripts

Day 3 Hearing Transcripts

Day 4 Hearing Transcripts

Dr. Irwin Ornish Deposition

Dr. Irwin Ornish — Antoine Dental’s second “expert” witness — failed to take the stand during the hearings; he witnessed Dr. Orr’s unpleasant time on the witness stand on day two.  Ornish’s deposition was entered into evidence after he tucked and ran from the hearing proceedings.  Ok, so he said he had a family issue and had to go home, but that is highly suspect!  None the less, his deposition was allowed despite objections by Tony Canales and Bob Anderton,  attorneys for Antoine Dental, Dr. Nazari and Dr. Kahaan.  Personally my first laugh in the Ornish’s deposition was when attorney Tony Canales was scolding the attorneys representing the state for being late; there was confusion on whether it started at 9:00 or 9:00.  He railed about how unprofessional it was to be late.  Then a couple of sentences later telling same attorney to “shut up”. lol 

After reading the transcripts, besides the clear evidence of blatant fraud on the part of dentists at Antoine Dental Centers, I believe a conspiracy was revealed.  As far back as the early 2000’s Dr. Orr, who was working for the company in charge of approving Texas orthodontic Medicaid payments and Robert (Bob) Anderton were bringing dentists to Anderton’s office and training them.  Nazari and Ornish both admit they were trained, in one on one sessions, on how to “utilized” HDL scoring in order to maximize profits in a conference room located in Anderton’s personal office.  Now, we have Dr. Orr and attorney Bob Anderton making the circuit in Texas courts as well as testifying before Texas legislators attempting to defend these highly suspicious scoring methods.  So, whose ass are Dr. Orr and Mr. Anderton trying to save, the dentists they “trained” to “utilized” HDL scoring or their own?! 

Read the hearing transcripts. I look forward to reading your comments.

I’m surprised the main media outlets down there in Texas have not reported on any of this.