Saturday, October 12, 2013

AIG Operative Stalks Jurors in 1st Small Smiles Dental Center Malpractice Case

Remember when the American taxpayers (you) bailed out American International Group (AIG) to the tune of $185 BILLION dollars in 2008?  AIG Bailout[1]Remember the company’s offices were converged upon by angry Americans.  So much so, that in typical bully fashion they actually took the name off headquarters in New York City in order to “hide” their location.  .

The latest victim of AIG’s bullying is an 11 year old boy in Syracuse, New York and the jurors who were to decide how much this child should be compensated for their policy holders misdeeds. 

There were 30 trials on schedule in New York by former patients of Small Smiles Dental Centers.  Many of these patients were 2, 3 and 4 years old when they victims of the clinics formerly located in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester.  There is much information about Small Smiles Dental Centers and their so called “management company” on the web and this blog, so I’m not going to bore anyone with more of that.

The first of the 30 trials finally made it to a jury October 7, 2013.  The complaint was filed in April of 2011 against, Edward DeRose, Michael DeRose, Dan DeRose, William Mueller, Adolph Padula, Michael Roumph, Dr. Naveed Aman, Dr. Koury Bonds, Dr. Yaqoob Khan and more, plus a host of dummy corporations set up to hide the true ownership of the clinics and make it difficult to track the hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained Medicaid money they pocketed.

After trying to bury two judges and the attorneys representing the little boy—now 11 years old—in mountains (and I do mean mountains) of ridiculous pleadings, testimony finally began September 23, 2013 in Syracuse. 

The trial lasted for 2 1/2 weeks.  You can read all the transcripts here. I urge you to take time to read them.  It’s more entertaining than anything on television this fall and better read than any book on The Times Best Seller list since 50 Shades of Grey—however I do think the transcripts and the book could carry the same title.  There was a lot of shadiness happening in that courthouse and the testimony from the accused had more twists of the truth than a pretzel factory and there were so many bodies being thrown under the bus, the courtroom could have doubled for a Greyhound bus station.

On Wednesday, October 9, 2013—despite overwhelming, undisputable (in my opinion) evidence— the jury of 3 men and 3 women found no one liable for the suffering and terror this poor baby endured.  The jury was even told there was no doubt the company was operating in the state of New York illegally but still somehow they felt this little boy deserved no compensation.  Could you handle dental work with no lidocaine?  Of course not, neither could this child, that is why they strapped him down using a papoose board, not once, not twice but three times!

However, AIG, must have thought the jury would find the accused liable beyond belief,  because they put Manhattan attorney Scott D. Greenspan in the courtroom to “monitor” the trial.  AIG is the malpractice insurance carrier for the dentists, executives and clinic after the September 2006 sale to the group of guy and the Islamic Bank from Bahrain purchased the clinics.  Scott D. Greenspan

Now, I don’t know what most people feel is considered “monitoring” but Scott took it way beyond “monitoring”.  He took it all the way to “creepy stalker’. 

According to testimony given at a hearing Friday, October 10, Scott Greenspan was hired by Denise D’Assaro who works for AIG Claims, Inc. Scott is a partner at Sedgwick, LLP.  According to Linkedin, Denise is “Complex Claims Director” at Chartis and has been since 1998.  (Denise and claims issues in MS)

Scott is also counsel for National Union Fire Insurance who is in “coverage litigation” (code for we don’t want to pay claims) in Nashville, Tennessee with the “New FORBA” group—National Union doesn’t want to pay up, they know what is really going on with Small Smiles and their illegal operations.

Scott Greenspan, told the judge he was instructed to report back to AIG his “mental impressions”, since he was so highly qualified and all.  Hey, 18 years as a litigator he claims.

Apparently in all those 18 years Mr. Scott D. Greenspan was never made aware that stalking the jurors was a no-no.  Not just something that was maybe not a good idea, but could land a person in the poky.

According to the jurors, he would wait for them at lunch in the halls and lobby to ride the elevator with them, follow them to restaurants and eat where they ate.  The jurors, said Scott was creepy, very seedy  and they felt he was video tapping them.  Not being the sharpest dresser in the world and leaning toward the “slouchy” side a tad bit, I admit, he did look a bit creepy. He also typed to loud on his laptop in court—once admonished by the judge—and I personally heard him moan a couple of times.  It was the “oh shit” kind of moans too. 

Once,when the jurors went to lunch they managed to shake their stalker by ducking into a restaurant.  They watched Scott through the window as he panicked because he had lost their trail.  Scott tells the judge he was upset because him and and sweetie pie had an argument.  greenspan[3]

Scott was in the courtroom everyday.  According to the jurors he was their main topic of conversation.  After meeting up with Scott on the elevator so many times,  I guess one of the jurors decided to just ask their stalker if he was a reporter.

The jurors say Scott told them “I’m not supposed to talk with you.  I wish I could talk with you.  I r e a l l y wish I could talk with you”.  They say he repeated this multiple times. 

Scott says he only answered by saying, “I wish I could answer your question.  I’m sorry but I can’t talk to you.  No one is supposed to talk to the jury. I wish I could tell you the answer but I can’t. ”

So now what?  A mistrial?  The judge has given both sides until next Friday (October 18, 2013) to make any submissions in light of the “jury stalker". (my words, not hers),  Of course, I imagine someone will need an extension! The bad guys asked for a mistrial 4 times during the 2 1/2 weeks, they might just get what they asked for after all. 

AIG, just pay up for God’s sake!  You know you owe it to these kids, you know your policy holders traumatized these children for profit, you know you’ve spent more trying not to pay, than it would have cost you.  Kinda like the person who works harder at trying not to work, than had he worked.  Same thing here.  Go back and look at all the money you have handed to attorneys since you wrote the policies for Small Smiles et. al.  I bet the number is staggering.  Heck, maybe what you paid Stalking Scott would have settled this one case. 

One last thing, you need to do a better job in the due diligence department before writing insurance policies.  Don’t write a check policy your ass can’t cash. 

You can read the transcript of Scott on the stand here.