Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is Dr. Michael Tarver losing it again?

Has Dr. Michael Tarver lost it again? An email this week from a family member of a 4 year old little girl seems to indicate Dr. Tarver’s abusive behavior continues.

“She is very well behaved, obedient and we always receive compliments in public on this. He yelled at her stating things like "If you won't open your mouth I'll do it for you!" My sister (her mom) was forced out of the room and my niece later revealed she was strapped down. Every time she gets still enough to let her mind wander she recants it and cries saying "Mommy I can't believe they hurt me".

Whom do I hold responsible? The regulators! They had him by the private parts and gave his access to innocent children and Medicaid dollars to support his lifestyle.

The regulators and investigators:

It was just less than a year ago, on September 4, 2013 when the Florida Department of Health issued an Emergency Suspension of Licenses against Dr. Michael Addair Tarver. Several reports from parent about Dr. Tarver and his wife detailed the outrageous behavior including altering patient records and abusive treatment of young patients. Police have been called to his office on several occasions.

Excerpts from various reports at the time:

I remember the patient because she was so badly misbehaved. She ran down the hallway kicking and screaming at the dental staff.  I didn’t put my hands over her mouth. The child had to be sedated due to her extremely poor behavior.”  Tarver was not charged, according to OPD, he had not committed any criminal offences.

“June 26, 2013 OPD received a complaint about a child that received a 1-1/2″ laceration in the middle of his forehead.  Tarver “claims” the child tripped over his own feet causing him to fall and hit his head. Tarver did not call EMS. When questioned by OPD Tarver said, “I am Emergency Medicine Certified, therefore I did not feel the need to contact EMS.” OPD notified DCF upon this investigation due to OPD being called out multiple times starting in June of 2012. The injury did require stitches.”

“In one incident a parent said that Tarver placed his hand over the nose and mouth of her child until the child lost consciousness.”

Florida State Attorney, Bill Gladson said his office was asked to investigate and said in an interview:

"Based on the evidence available, it was decided that no single allegation, if proven as alleged, would constitute the crime of child abuse such that any conviction could be sustained on appeal. This office did not review, and was not asked to review, any matter being investigated by the Department of Health or the Board of Dentistry,

By November 19, 2013 the Florida Dental Board reinstated his dental license, cut him a sweetheart deal, with a 28 page Consent Agreement whereby Dr. Tarver admitted no wrongdoing and turned him loose upon the public again.

The fact Tarver’s case was filed with the dental board, put on a monthly meeting agenda, investigated, negotiated and a resolution agreed upon, typed up and signed in 70 days stinks to high heaven! No way this passes any kind of smell test.

Sue Foster, on behalf of Executive Director, Daniel Gesek, DMD. signed off on the Consent Agreement. Daniel Gesek may need a review of his own, his rating on RateMD’s is only 1.5 stars out of 5!

“According to McKinley Lewis, Public Information Officer with the DOH, Dr. Harry E. Bopp, DMD, is the current records reviewer assigned to Michael Tarver approved by the Board of Dentistry.”

Funny thing about that, Dr. Harry Bopp & Dr. Jordan Tarver have a dental practice together, “Lakeland Pediatric Dentistry”.  This suggests to me that Dr. Bopp is not exactly the ideal person to be Dr. Tarver’s “reviewer”!

In December some pro-Tarver group tried to make a big deal out of the investigator on the Tarver case who resigned. I never gave it much attention. Since Tarver was on a nationwide campaign to clear his name by any means necessary, including threats and intimidation; much like he has been reported to do to children.

Seriously, does the Florida Dental Board or Department of Health have anyone with a brain down there? If so, please step forward.

With the registering of various business entities documents with the state using names of relatives, Polliwog opened back up as Churchill Dentistry and continued to received funds from Medicaid and treat children.

Supposedly Dr. Tarver has no “supervisory role” in Churchill Dentistry (aka Polliwog)while working with his wife, Rebecca.

Dr. Tarver on Dentist The Menace


“Andrea Frederick and Tiffany Sullivan, two former Polliwog employees, are suing Polliwog Dental for violating the Whistle Blower Act. The 39-page lawsuit also states that Polliwog Dental, LLC failed to pay overtime wages that was owed to the employees.

The lawsuit alleges that Michael Tarver was recorded via a cell phone video while illegally altering medical records that were requested by the State of Florida Department of Health (DOH) investigator, Mike Knezevich during their investigation.

In the lawsuit, Sullivan states that she was ordered by Tarver to refuse DOH investigator Knezevich any documents that were subpoenaed.

According to the complaint, the two women stated that both Rebecca and Michael Tarver interrogated them about the DOH investigation on multiple occasions.”

Andrea Frederick and Tiffany Sullivan v. Polliwog Dental — November 2013