Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gov. Abbott Appoints Aspen Dental Dentist to to Texas State Board of Dental Examiners

Agency Capture at it’s finest!
171121-Kimberly Haynes bio-tsbde(2)


Checking her dental licenses at the board and it’s sparkling clean.


June 3.2016-Kimberly Haynes, DMD, received non-discipline remedial plan because of a complaint from a patient.  She was found to have fallen below the minimum standard of care, failed to keep adequate records and no informed consent from the patient among other things.

I'm told, David Tillman, the presiding officer is a weak leader and appointed for that very reason. I'm told board member Bryan Henderson, DDS is pro-DSO.  Kimberly Haynes, DMD, as we see is an Aspen dentist and H. Jorge Quirch, D.D.S is a Heartland dentist. One more and the DSO's will have a majority. Not that it matters because I'm also told the hygienists back the DSO's as well.