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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Altair Intelligence helps Small Smiles target customers–Go Altair!

Altair Customer Intelligence Extends Strategic Partnership
Strategic use of customer intelligence helps bring dental care to children

Altair Customer Intelligence is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Church Street Health Management for 2011. Altair has been providing Church Street Health with strategic database marketing and consulting insight for the past two years. By using Altair’s FiveStar™ process, Church Street Health has leveraged industry leading analytics, modeling, and reporting techniques to sustain continued market growth for their network of associated Dental Centers and improved marketing resource utilization.

“Our mission is to ensure access to quality, professional dental care for low-income, underserved families and those seeking comprehensive care—and we’re better able to do that with Altair,” said Mike McCulla, SVP, Marketing, Church Street Health. “Altair provides the information we need to more effectively maintain our existing customer relationships, and identify and reach out to additional children and their families. Altair is a vital part of our business.”

Under this agreement, Altair continues to deliver a comprehensive solution providing data, selection, modeling, and customized access using its proprietary multi-sourced consumer database that contains 1,000 different data elements on 200 million consumers supporting Church Street’s prospect acquisition. This allows Church Street to select, analyze and review targeted prospects knowing that their marketing efforts are based on informed decisions with the most accurate data available.

According to Steve Collins, President of Altair Customer Intelligence Analytics Division, “This is a deep relationship that continues to grow and contribute to Church Street’s marketing success. Our data, speed, and flexibility is what sets us apart. We are thrilled Church Street has chosen Altair as their partner.”

About Church Street Health Management
Church Street Health Management assists children and families in accessing dental services in areas that have historically had limited availability of dental providers. With an associated network of 72 Dental Centers in 22 different states and the District of Columbia they ensure that more than 700,000 children a year receive the dental care they deserve.

About Altair Customer Intelligence
Founded in 2001 and led by veteran direct marketers, Altair has become the leader in Customer Intelligence, providing superior direct marketing resources through better access, analysis, strategy, and reporting. Altair is dedicated to helping businesses get more from their marketing investments by supporting extraordinary companies through a better use of Customer Intelligence for more informed decision-making. Altair has developed an expertise in helping companies gather, analyze, and use internal and external data to make better business decisions. Their extensive industry and marketing expertise gives customers unfettered access to information for improving their business and marketing goals.
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