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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corporate Dentistry Pitfall number 101–Floating dentist filling in where needed.


I was working with a chain practice for a year right after I graduated.  In this type of practice, the management asks of their employee to cover another office in another location, if the dentist at this location has a day off. I was asked to cover one such office. That means, I would be seeing new patients to determined treatment.

I saw this patient in May07. I inserted a PFM on #3 ( the tooth was endodontically treated. The crown prep was not done by me. I inserted the crown after I took  a BW x-ray and checking for occlusion and contacts. (Unfortunately, I forgot to document in her chart)

Now I no longer work  for the company. I received a letter from the board stating that this patient has a complaint against me. In march 08, this patient complained that #3 has been hurting. The treating dentist examined her and determined that nothing was wrong and adjusted the occlusion.

She still complained of pain.

She was told that it was her wisdom teeth that were the reason of her pain, so she got her wisdom teeth extracted. #3 was asymptomatic each time it was been examined, patient stating that pain was a "5 out of 10".  

In the meantime, she saw another dentist who said that the crown was big. Again the dentist got #3 out of occlusion totally,. Patient still complained of pain..............

Now the case is with the board.

I have no clue what would happen. How  should I proceed. I am very very scared as they could take any action.

There were different providers involved here.

The one who did the prep quit (management told me he was on vacation....but had actually quit).

Also the patient saw a different provider next time she came in to the center (after 10 months) who checked her crown and found nothing wrong). Then after she had her wisdom teeth out with an OS, she saw a different provider the next visit (this provider saw her at all her subsequent visits)

This provider recommended other options (re treat endo etc) but he told her nothing wrong with the crown.

She went to another local dentist, who told her that crown was not good. This is when she complained to board.

I got a letter last year and they asked me what had happened. I wrote the letter myself ...did not contact malpractice. I told them hat had happened during that brief half an hour appt. I did not hear from them until nearly after a year and now they tell me that case is with the board. I do not know what to expect.

Any advice would be helpful

Please help,

Scared out of mind new grad dentist



How it ended -

After being advised to contact his malpractice insurance carrier and gathering all the information and documentation he could, which was NOT easy!  His attorney fees in this were astronomical just trying to obtain the patients treatment documentation.

He ended up getting nailed by the dental board.  A black mark on his record remains.