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Monday, November 26, 2012

Former dentists, Gary Anusavice in a hole of no return? It’s looking like.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — North Kingstown officials say FBI agents will be joining local authorities in investigating a fire at a vacant million-dollar home whose last two owners were charged with fraud.

The 8,100-square-foot house on Potter Road was gutted in Friday's fire. The cause isn't clear yet. One firefighter who responded was taken to a hospital with chest pains, but was later discharged.

Fire Chief Fenwick Gardiner Jr. told The Providence Journal ( ) that FBI officials will be helping with the investigation. He didn't elaborate.

The home's last owner was a company controlled by Gary Anusavice, a former dentist now awaiting trial in an alleged $20 million Medicaid fraud scheme. The owner before Anusavice was Antonio Giordano, who was sentenced to one year in prison in 2007 for embezzling from nursing homes.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Care Credit comes under fire again after Hartford Dental Care closes.


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Painful Dentist Bill Questioned
By Troubleshooter Chris Coffey

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012

A dental patient from East Hartford said she was billed thousands of dollars for a procedure that was not completed.  Investigators said the dental clinic in question is connected to a man charged with bilking millions of Medicaid dollars out of the government.

Maria Ruiz and her husband received a flyer for Hartford Dental Care in May.  It was good timing, since Ruiz was experiencing mouth pain.

Ruiz visited the dental facility and said she was urged to sign up for a third party financing plan called Care Credit.  She said the clinic prescribed her medicine and told her she needed a root canal.  Ruiz said she had some work done on her mouth, but she never received the full root canal after three visits to Hartford Dental Care.

"I also asked them why they didn't fix my teeth and they told me they will call me in two weeks," Ruiz said through an interpreter.

By then it was too late.  Hartford Dental Care appeared to have permanently shut its doors.

A Connecticut Attorney General investigation resulted in federal agents arresting the owner, Gary Anusavice.  Anusavice was charged with running a $20 million Medicaid fraud scheme at his clinics in West Haven, Trumbull and Stamford, which also appear to have closed.

"It's not clear that everybody who worked for these clinics were consciously aware that Anusavice was behind it all," said Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen.

However, Ruiz got stuck with a near $3,800 bill from Care Credit.  The Connecticut State Dental Association said a root canal would not cost that much by itself.

Through an emailed statement, Anusavice's lawyer said Ruiz's treatment was probably discontinued not because of fraud, but because the clinic was shut down after the government terminated its Medicaid practicing rights.

But Ruiz and her husband told the Troubleshooters she was not on Medicaid.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley obtained a judgment against Anusavaice in 2010, claiming Anusavice and others lured patients in with deceptive marketing, pressured patients to agree to costly dental treatments, then failed to complete the procedures or provided shoddy treatment.

Sound familiar?

"If they will ever do the treatment on me, if they get the work done on my teeth, then, yes, I will pay them, but how am I going to pay something that they never did," Ruiz said.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts required Anusavice to pay $237,500 for victim restitution and penalties as a result of the judgment. 

Years earlier, Anusavice sustained a felony conviction in 1997 in Massachusetts for submitting false health care claims.  In 1998, the federal government also banned him from participating in Medicare and Medicaid.  According to the feds, the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Dentistry permanently revoked Anusavice's license to practice dentistry in Massachusetts in 2006.

Investigators said Anusavice opened his clinics in Connecticut and used a licensed dentist to act as the nominal head.  According to the indictment, Anusavice, who is not licensed to practice dentistry in Connecticut, even reviewed patient charts and suggested dental procedures.

"They were fraudulently, in effect, billing the federal government for services," Jepsen said.

It's a big concern to the Connecticut State Dental Association.

"Anytime even one or two of these providers is alleged to have committed fraud, it reflects poorly on our profession as a whole," said CSDA president Dr. Carolyn Malon.

Jury selection for Anusavice's trial starts next January.  He faces up to twenty years in federal prison if convicted.

The Troubleshooters contacted Care Credit, which then got in touch with Ruiz.  Care Credit told the Troubleshooters it had tried to reach Ruiz, but apparently did not have her correct phone number.  Ruiz said she is no longer on the hook for the $3800 bill.  Instead, she only owes $71 in dispute fees.

Care Credit said it is no longer working with Hartford Dental Care due to a pending investigation.

The Connecticut State Dental Association urges patients who are in need of a new dentist to ask friends and family members for referrals.

"They can tell you who their dentist is, whether this is somebody who they've been going to for a long time, how well they're cared for there," Malon said.

The CSDA also recommends would-be patients contact the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership here.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Connecticut AG with Kahunas Files Suit Against Corporations and Management Companies

Standing Ovation! 

AG names 28 in civil complaint alleging illegal Medicaid billing scheme

Jun 1, 2012 - 9:25 AM

HARTFORD, CT - Attorney General George Jepsen has brought a civil action against 28 individuals, dental practices and corporations alleging an elaborate and illegal scheme, which resulted in more than $24 million in fraudulent Medicaid clams over two years in violation of the Connecticut False Claims Act and Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

The complaint seeks restitution, treble damages and civil penalties as well as a permanent injunction against the unlawful acts and practices alleged in the complaint.

The individuals named in the State’s complaint are Gary Anusavice (former DDS)of North Kingston, R.I., Mehran Zamani, DDS of Pound Ridge, N.Y. and Stamford; Paul Anusavice of North Grafton, MA; John Gallagher of Manchester, MA; David Wu,DDS of Cheshire and Alphonso Mack,DDS of Bloomfield.

Gary Anusavice and Zamani were arrested last week on federal criminal charges for their alleged involvement in the same billing scheme.

“This is the first case the state has initiated under the Connecticut False Claims Act,” Attorney General Jepsen said. “It gives the State the rightful ability to seek compensation for taxpayers from those who seek to abuse the system with false claims for reimbursements they are not eligible to receive.”

The Attorney General brought the unfair trade practices complaints at the request of Consumer Protection Commissioner William Rubenstein. “The allegations of the complaint are serious, and our consumer laws against unfair and deceptive practices protect state taxpayer dollars whenever medical providers make wrongful claims for reimbursement from the Medicaid program,” Rubenstein said.

Department of Social Services Commissioner Roderick L. Bremby, said “We greatly appreciate the Attorney General’s dedication of both resources and expertise to bring forward this major case of alleged provider fraud. DSS investigators first identified the suspected fraudulent activity and worked with the AG’s Office and federal authorities to develop the case. The role of the Department of Consumer Protection is also important in our collective efforts to root out fraud and abuse on behalf of taxpayers.”

The DSS administers the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program, which includes Medicaid, a joint federal-state program, which provides medical benefits for more than 500,000 low-income Connecticut residents.

The State complaint also names the dental practices and other corporations created or controlled by the various individuals. They include
E.G.A. Mangement, Inc.
Haven Consulting, Inc.
AMZ Consulting, Inc.,
Dental Care of Connecticut, Inc.,
N.B. Dental, Inc.
Electron Marketing, Inc. of Fall River, MA
Dental Group of Stamford, LLC
Dentists Group of Stamford, PC.

Mehran Zamani, LLC,
Mehran Zamani, DDS, PC;
Dental Group of Connecticut, LLC,
Dentists Group of Connecticut, PC;
Dental Group of Waterbury, LLC,
Dentists Group of Waterbury, PC;
Dental Group of Danbury, PC;
Dental Group of New Britain, PC;
Dental Group of Hartford, PC;
Hartford Dental Care, LLC;
Hartford Dental Incorporated, PC;
Arbor Dental Association, LLC;
Alpha Dental Group, PC;
Wintonbury Dental Associates, PC.