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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wake Pediatric Dentistry-Johnson City, NC

If you live in Johnson City, NC and have children who have an upcoming appointment at Wake Pediatric Dentistry, you might save your child a life of torment if you take a few minutes and check out this discussion.

Shocking and Sickening!
There are a few compliments on the dental practice, some from it's own employees, however the complaints are very very upsetting. Don't miss the first page of this discussion, nor the last one even if you don't read one word in between.

Here are a couple of reviews of Wake Pediatric Dentistry from 2006, they weren't so good either.

Like I've been trying to point out with the blog, it's not just Small Smiles, Kool Smiles and other dental care chain traumatizing our children for a buck.

There are recounts after recounts of different dentist in this area using these barbaric type of behavioral management techniques.

Here are just a few dentists names listed as Bad Apples in this particular discussion group:
Dr. Horowitz
Dr. Parrish
Dr.Swarr office in Raleigh