Sunday, June 08, 2008

DeRose Family Federal Champaign Contributions

According to the DeRose family spread the contributions around but one stuck out in particular to me, that was Sen. Ken Salazar.

Out of all the federal campaign contributions listed for some reason the ones to Sen. Ken Salazar struck me as a bit odd. In most the other contributions they always donate to the republican party, however that's not the case with Sen. Ken Salazar.

See the list here

Sen. Salazar is on the Senate Committee on Finance:
...which has jurisdiction over tax policy (including the IRS), Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, customs, trade agreements, general revenue sharing, and tariffs and import quotas. Senator Salazar is a member of the following subcommittees:
  • Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
  • Health Care
  • Taxation, IRS Oversight, and Long-Term Growth

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